Question by  reliable44 (19)

What are the functions of an organelle?


Answer by  Michael86 (16)

There is no one function that organelles are responsible for. Organelles are like the organs within a cell. Each cell has several organelles that have each evolved with different roles and responsibilities to help maintain homeostasis within the cell. Without organelles a cell would have no chance of surviving. Organelles main responsibility then is to maintain homeostasis.


Answer by  Jenn09 (176)

It depends upon which type of organelle you are talking about. For example, the mitochondria produces energy. The Golgi complex packages/labels proteins to be shipped somewhere else in the cell.


Answer by  HH (404)

Chloroplast (plants): photosynthesis; Vacuole (plants): storage; mitochondria: energy generation; nucleus: storage of DNA and transcription; endoplasmatic reticulum: protein secretion; lysosomes: degradation of proteins

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