Question by  sandiegorvt (42)

What are the different maple syrup grades?

What is the difference in the grades?


Answer by  dbusha1 (175)

When the clear sap from maple trees is boiled, it changes color to "Amber" (Graded in Light, Medium and Dark), ranging from lighter and clearer to darker and denser.


Answer by  livingchoice (84)

There are four grades. Grade A light amber, grade A medium amber, grade A dark amber and grade B. Each grade have a different taste from a light maple syrup taste, such as grade A light to a very strong maple syrup taste like grade B.


Answer by  Cyndael (338)

Maple Syrup comes in grades A and B. A is lighter in color and flavor, but is still sweet. B is darker in color and stronger in flavor. Grade B also has a higher mineral content, so it is better for you than Grade A.

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