Question by  Mark85 (24)

What are the differences between Orthodox and Reform Judaism?


Answer by  zegars (61)

Orthodox Jews take believe that the oral and written scriptures are literally true, while Reform Jews reject literalism, believing that much of the Torah is a metaphor. The role of women is another point of contention. Women cannot hold any positions of power in Orthodox communities; though there are a number of female Reform rabbis.


Answer by  Mike39 (320)

The main difference is that Orthodox Judaism stricly follows the laws of Torah as well as Rabbinacal laws while Reform Judaism allows "modernization" of ancient rules. For example, Orthodox Jews don't drive on Sabbath, but Reform Jews do, Orthodox Jews pray mostly in Hebrrew, Reform Jews pray mostly in English.


Answer by  Boz (13)

Orthodox Judaism is a form of Judaism that believe in a strict interpretation and application of the Talmund. Those who practice Reform Judaism see the Talmund as a series of guidelines as opposed to laws, and open to different interpretations.

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