Question by  mousey (30)

What are the difference between hard and soft water?

I do not understand what people mean about hard and soft water.


Answer by  deeemesgmailcom (22)

Hard water contains calcium & mineral salts and therefore it is difficult to be mixed with soap and soft water is the opposite .It does not contain or has least content of above ingredients and mixes with soap easily.Therefore soft water is good for washing clothes etc,whereas hard water is not so good enough.


Answer by  Shrkalig8man (6)

Hard water refers to water from the tap that has deposits in it such as calcium or magnesium. Soft water does not contain these deposits. Hard water is difficult to wash with and many people complain that hard water leaves a residue. There are techniques for turning hard tap water in to soft tap water.


Answer by  AEF (519)

Water hardness is a measure of the dissolved minerals in water. Hard water has a higher level of dissolved minerals than soft water does. Hardness is primarily due to dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds and effects things like how well soap lathers. Hard water is not bad for your health.


Answer by  SKtips (141)

"Hard" water is water that has an excessive ammount of minerals such as iron in it. This usually comes from rusty pipes and makes the water taste bad.

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