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Question by  Krismurali (13)

What are the common Slovak physical characteristics?


Answer by  weightlifter23 (87)

Slovaks are generally fair skinned. They are generally portrayed as being taller than average. They commonly have blue eyes and blond hair. They may also have defined jaws and cheekbones.


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

A common Slovak characteristic you will find is blond hair and blue eyes or brown hair with brown eyes. Slovaks usually have olive or tan skin. Slovaks come from central Europe.


Answer by  hahagal (983)

Most of the common characteristics is a slumping of the skeptical system which caused the hunchback feature of your body. You will also noticed the knots towards the bottom of the hands that look like the sign of arthritis.


Answer by  Jmc21 (0)

I have dark brown hair, green eyes (that stand out), tan easy (very dark), and have very olive skin. My skin almost looks green. I greatly take after my family members that came from Slovakia in 1910.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm Slovak and I have very dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have olive skin. Slovak's looks differ from what part they come from.

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