Question by  jo (14)

What are the best socks to wear with loafers?


Answer by  catysuzgirl2000 (578)

Ankle socks or boat socks are casual and trendy. They can be easily matched with loafers which are equally casual and the result is a relaxed style for leisure. Long socks, on the other hand, are best worn with track shoes. Ultimately, it is best to wear loafers without socks.


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

Hanes socks has a certain brand of socks that are fairly thick but still allow for the foot to breathe. I prefer these because wearing loafers is supposed to be comfortable. I can wear these socks and remove the loafers as needed, but still have great protection for my feet.


Answer by  olive8 (911)

The best socks are those that will be thick enough to prevent blisters but not so thick that your feet get too hot. Try to find some thick cotton ones.


Answer by  MarkyD80 (7)

When wearing loafers, one should make every effort to not wear socks at all. If hygienic reasons prevent this from being a possibility, wear socks that cannot be seen by others.


Answer by  Anonymous

Black socks, whatever length you want with trousers. If you wear shorts, wear ankle socks. Black is not the only color, it's simply a classic, cool and safe color, obviously. You may find you don't even really need socks with loafers in summer, though.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

I do not know what brand would be the best sock brand for loafers but as far as style I would imagine the thinner the better. You do not want your feet to look funny in them.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Tan or brown socks go with loafers. Make sure they're dress socks. For more casual outings, you don't even need socks. You'll look preppy that way.


Answer by  NurseB (513)

If you have to wear socks with loafers try getting the socks that come just below your ankle. This way you will barely see the sock.


Answer by  mama86 (245)

The best kind of socks to wear with loafters is just your average everyday sport sock. Nothing too fancy and they fit well.


Answer by  barbie11 (62)

The best socks to wear with loafers would be any type of thick cotton sock. it will provide comfort and prevent blisters.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

Thinner sock, are probably best since they will not make your feet look bulky in them. Bulky loafers make your feet look strange.

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