Question by  mayuri (48)

What are the best football boots?


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

Nike still makes the best football boots. Though they may cost a lot, they are certainly worth it. Even with all the beating the boots/shoes get from a game, Nike football shoes are durable enought to withstand hundreds of games. I bought a pair myself and I know by experience.


Answer by  united (27)

Nike Mercurial Vapors are the football boots I find to be of the best quality. They are very durable, sturdy and last for a very long time. They are light and mold to ones foot very well. It feels as though I was running barefoot when wearing them during matches and practice.


Answer by  calcio (40)

it depends on what you prefer, it can be nike, puma, adidas samba,diadora, lotto or umbro. You would have to try them on and see which one works best.


Answer by  Azoodica (286)

That really depends on what you personally consider well but the best boots that I personally have ever had were a pair of Adidas Predators. I played in them for two years of heavy soccer and they were still good after those two years. Every other pair of shoes that I have owned were shot after one season.

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