Question by  Botany101 (18)

What are the advantages of putting a double oven into a home over a single oven?

I am remodeling my kitchen and am having a hard time deciding on ovens.


Answer by  cburdi00 (20)

I love to cook and I cook quite often. I do not have double ovens but I hope to someday. To me, the advantages to double oven in a kitchen would be that I could bake more batches of the cakes and cupcakes that I tend to bake at the same time. This would effectively cut my baking time.


Answer by  crockofkitty (11)

The true reasoning behind choosing a single or double oven lie in determining how many people one would cook for. For a family of four or less, a single oven is the more economical and reasonable choice, but for a family of more than four people a double oven might be the better choice.


Answer by  mgdtgb (13)

You can cook more things at once. For instance, if you are making dinner and two things are baked at different temperatures you can save time and bake both at once. It may increase price of your home when you sell it too. Also, you can cook desert in one oven and dinner in the other.


Answer by  edog (128)

I think that putting a double oven over a single oven is better because you may cook and prepare more items of food at the same time, saving total time.

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