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Question by  hakunamatata (31)

What are the advantages of a salt water swimming pool?


Answer by  TK (51)

Many people worry about chlorine and chemicals in a traditional swimming pool. Salt water swimming pools tend to be healthier and, as an added bonus, leave skin feeling soft. The salt will not turn your hair green or ruin your bathing suit. Salt water pools are friendly for the environment and also anti-bacterial.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

The main advantage of a salt water swimming pool is that you won't need the slew of chemicals normally needed for a swimming pool.


Answer by  Rogbog (203)

Using salt water you do not need to add cholrine to your pool because salt water producs its own cholrine. This can save you as much as $50.00 a day on a bucket of cholrine. Also, salt water produces basically a maintenaace free pool environmnent. Less filtering, less monitoring and overall work involed.


Answer by  pbker11 (39)

Salt water swimming pools require less upkeep than chlorine based swimming pools. You have don't have to deal directly with chlorine levels. Salt water pools also insure that nobody will be afflicted with chlorine allergies.


Answer by  Hassan (68)

salt water is not good for our health skin but if we talk about its advantages it can kill germs as well and more then that we have to bath after using that salt water.

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