Question by  Anster (47)

What are the advantages of a multifuel chimney?


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

The only advantage of a multifuel chimney is that you can use them for either wood burning or gas fireplaces. If you are installing a simple wood burning fireplace you don't need one.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

The advantages are that the smoke will go through different amounts of chimney. It is also good for the environment because it is using less fuel and thus there is less pollution.


Answer by  marcy (69)

A multifuel chimney vents out two different fuels. For example, natural gas and wood. The advantages include that it takes up less space, and can make roof repairs and new roof cheaper since there is less chimney to flash around.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Normally you need to be careful when mixing flues from different-fuel-sources; heating-oil-fired boilers & furnaces are normally not-compatible with wood-burning-fireplaces (incompatible-deposits can more readily start a chimney-fire). A multi-fuel chimney or flue either: has separate-flues for different-fuels or is made of materials which lessen the hazards and/or risks of chimney-fires.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

You can use different kinds of fuel, which means they are more cost-efficient as you can buy what is cheapest at the time.

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