Question by  Jennifer18 (21)

What are symptoms of your motorcycle running lean?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If the engine feels like it is down on power or is running hotter than usually then it may be running lean. One way to see for sure is to check the plugs. If they are very white or have metal specs then it is running lean.


Answer by  GearNut (13)

Spark plugs will have a white chalk like coating. It is best to check this at an idle speed. Then get above 3000rpm and cut the engine off coasst to a stop then check the spark plugs. This will tell you if the jetting of your carborator is wrong or if its just your fuel/air mixture.


Answer by  DiluBeenker (48)

When your motorcycle runs lean, it means it's getting to little gas. lean running motorcycles often have problems starting up when cold, and will run better with a little choke. To be onehundred precent sure you're bike is running lean you must check the sparkplugs, if the isolator around the core is white and not lightbrown, you're bike runs lean.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well the best thing to do is check your plugs. They will look very white indicating higher temperature in the combustion chamber cause by a lean condition. Otherwise you will need to use a air/fuel ratio measuring device like a pyrometer in the exhaust.


Answer by  Anonymous

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