Question by  MishiMimi (28)

What are some warning signs of autism and adhd in 3 year olds?


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Is your child hitting normal milestones regularly? Does she hold eye contact? Is she withdrawn? Do you notice lack of empathy, clumsiness, violent outbursts, repeated or jerky movements? Is she inattentive, impulsive or hyperactive? If many of these symptoms are present, and persist, it may be worth going to a doctor (although your child may also grow out of them).


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Firstly there maybe behavior problems in autism and adhd. The child cannot put a puzzle together when they have adhd because it is the brain function that is affected. A child can be hyperactive with adhd. Autism in a 3 year old may start with speech impairment. The child may not want to play with other children and not socialize


Answer by  nerdgirl (78)

This would depend on the child as it differs. Some signs that I have seen are having trouble speaking and doing other activities that a normal three year old should be able to do. It could also include not being able to follow orders or pay attention to anything and possibly include some obsessive compulsive tendencies.


Answer by  Monique (28)

Some warning signs of autism in a three-year-old include loss of language, self-stimulations such as hand flapping, spinning, rocking, focusing on one aspect of a toy, like the wheel of a car, and lack of eye contact. Adhd warning signs include irritability,lack of focus and difficult sleeping patterns.

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