Question by  Answer09 (20)

What are some unique hair styles for weddings?

I do not want to look like every other bride that gets married this year.


Answer by  Gayle (12)

Make sure you consider whether your hairstyle is something that's classic enough to appreciate years from now in your wedding portraits. Upswept buns are an elegant standby, but something that is easly modified. Try adding flowers, leaves, jewelry, braids, ribbons, or feathers for a unique touch.


Answer by  Stylist112 (136)

Try doing a side swept updo that is loosely curled, with volume through the crown that is pinned to the side (near the bottom). It makes for an elegant, unique, open backed look that goes great with or without a veil.


Answer by  Mojet (20)

Off course it depends the brides own hairs but personally i do love simplistic nonpuffy wedding dress with long beatifull blonde hairs with curves in the end.


Answer by  diamondz (14)

Try some styles you did not try before but also make sure that the style is pretty at the same time.

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