Question by  Kumar47 (19)

What are some unique bulletin board ideas for the classroom?


Answer by  teachertoo (6)

Create a board demonstrating the difference between foods made with whole grains and white bleached flour. Utilize charts/graphs and photos of food products and nutritional information.


Answer by  Ryan69 (52)

In order to keep your bulletin boards fresh and interesting, try to keep your boards tied to the theme(s) of your current unit. You could fill the board with real life examples of concepts for the unit, or definitions of vocabulary for that unit, pictures from that unit, etc.


Answer by  chellyz (53)

Using individual square cork boards and placing them slightly separated from each other. Each cork board has a specific topic that it can contain and is decorated to the theme of the topic.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I think that a teacher should change his or her bulletin board according to the season and do something unique each month.


Answer by  pjo (51)

One idea is to create a "computer" screen for each student, called "MY SPACE". You then let the students decorate it and also hang work that they are proud of.


Answer by  jenjen90 (240)

Some are spider web theme where there is black bulliten board paper and you tie white yarn so it looks like a spider web then weave in the stuff you are putting on, a flower theme where you put flowers and the stuff related to that. In advance, your welcome!


Answer by  RN2be (138)

A good idea may be to use the seasons as changing points. So in the spring, student names would be on flowers, etc.

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