Question by  mhir (33)

What are some teaching techniques for a deaf preschooler?


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

When dealing with the deaf, visual imagery is everything! They hold more meaning. Using vibrations and noises along with the visual cues can help them identify sound with imagery. Sign language is also another option. Starting your deaf child with standard sign language early will make their mastery of the symbols stronger as they get older.


Answer by  alize505 (6)

The visual image has to be much more clear. In order for them to understand visual cues need to take the place of audio clues. Sometimes vibrations can be used in place of noise, because sometimes even though they cannot hear the sound, they can feel the vibration.


Answer by  grammybarbj (572)

First you need to learn sign language yourself. Then you teach the child a new word everyday. Start with words like mom or dad.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

The big thing that you would want is to make sure that she understands ASL and has an interpreter who can help the kid out. You will find that everyone involved with be less stressed out.


Answer by  bananaboat (321)

You should begin to familiarize your child with American sign language by using signing constantly and consistently while showing or demonstrating the object and/or action that you are signing. I hope this helps you!

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