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Question by  Orevgv23 (11)

What are some Spanish words that begin with "rr"?


Answer by  Yazuser (52)

No spanish words begin with "rr". This is due to the fact that in spanish, although "r" and "rr" are pronounced differently, no word can begin with "rr".


Answer by  VYBRAIN (14)

None. The double "r" is used in spanish in the body of a word to emphazise the strength of the pronunciation. Some words are just different because of that extra r(caro=expensive vs. Carro=car). Multiple "rr" has a stronger sound that single "r" except at the beginning of the word where they sound the same.


Answer by  Laura47 (138)

None. "rr" in Spanish is only use to represent the hard, rolled sound when between 2 vowels. A single 4 at the beginning of a word is always hard-rolled.


Answer by  phrueben (49)

Actually there is no Spanish word that begins with "rr". "rr" is used to indicate that the "r" sound is going to have a much stronger sound. As we say in our country "we have to roll our tongue" to pronounce them. I our language don't use "rr" but we do have different pronunciations for "r"


Answer by  Freddie12 (77)

While sometimes considered a separate letter in the Spanish alphabet, no common Spanish words begin with the 'rr' combination. As most students of Spanish will attest, 'rr' is a difficult sound to pronounce, nearly impossible as an independent or initial sound. Repeated practice of words containing 'rr' can be the best way to acclimate to its unique 'rolling' sound.


Answer by  Anonymous

no words begin with rr just because it's hard to do the trill at the beginning you need something to give you a boost


Answer by  mina (17)

To be specific, there are no word(s) in the Spanish language that starts or begins with "rr". The double "r", whose sound is produced by the rolling of the tongue, is used in the middle of the word to emphasize the letter "r".

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