Question by  Timberlando (14)

What are some shade loving perennials?

My yard has a lot of shade.


Answer by  gardener (176)

Some perennials that will grow well in shade include hostas, lungwort (pulmonaria), false bugloss (brunnera), Solomon's seal (polygonatum), bugbane (actae simplex), and bleeding hearts (dicentra).


Answer by  PlantLady (18)

You could plant Hostas, or Ferns for texture. Try impatiens for annual color. It makes a difference if you have dry or moist shade. Also is the shade constant? On north side of a house or under an evergreen tree? Check the plant tags at your local store.


Answer by  CathJavelin (13)

Depending on whether the shade is dry or wet shade, the following may be of use: Perennial Geraniums, hardy fuchsias, ferns and ivy. Under trees, using spring bulbs may be of some use. Clematis require a shaded base so are useful for this area as well. This information works for the UK.


Answer by  abecedairy (83)

Boxwood, some clematis, hostas, bloodroot, violets, solomon's seal, foamflower, and dutchman's breeches all do well in shady areas. Shooting star, cardinal flower, forget-me-nots, lily of the valley, primroses, trilliums, and ferns also do well in shade if there is at least a little sunlight or dappled sunlight during the day.


Answer by  saloon (64)

Perennials such as bell flowers, begonia, bishop's cap, blue aster, coneflower, coral bells, dogtooth violet, elephant ear, foamy bells,foxglove, garden columbine, goldthread, cyclamen, himalayan lily, hosta, hummingbird mint, japanese fern, jasmine and lady's mantle do well in the shade. Apart from these, you could also plant lenten rose, leopard plant, lily of the nile, and painted fern.

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