Question by  Randy73 (58)

What are some Mother's Day card verses?

I want to write one in a card I'm giving my mom.


Answer by  Tracy15 (821)

This is a good one "For all the times you where there for me and all the little things you taught me I love you very much happy mothers day"


Answer by  JemKat (56)

You should write something specific to your mom that you are happy she has done for you. If she makes you pancanke smiley faces every Saturday morning be sure and mention this. If she always picks up your socks and your room is magically clean everytime you come home from school make sure and mention that as well.


Answer by  Gmertz (5)

When i was a child, you walked before me, To lead me in the right direction. When I was a teenager, you walked behind me Giving me space to learn, but to catch me when I fell. Now as an adult, you walk beside me to laugh at the good times and become closer friends. Happy Mothers' Day!


Answer by  murali21 (7)

Holidays are special days which comes in an year, gives joy and happiness. If that holiday would be a mother's day then, it will be the one best day.

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