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Question by  cherylcm78 (38)

What are some ideas for inexpensive window treatments?

I have very little money to spend.


Answer by  mrkitty (46)

You can decorate a window inexpensively by using kitchen towels. This especially works for windows right above the sink. Sheets are also a great option for larger window. Cut the sheet in half and hem the sides so you have two panels. A lined shower curtain can work. Cut it in half, hem the sides so you have two panels.


Answer by  phil94 (202)

An inexpensive way to have window treatments is to go to a fabric store and buy a fabric you like and make it yourself. Fabric is alot cheaper than curtains.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

Flat bed sheets are perfect for curtains. You just have to sew a seam, which is super easy. Fabric on clearance is another good idea. Some windows need only a valance and not a full curtain.


Answer by  SheenaBoo (53)

My family always takes wall tac and "boards up" the windows with plastic on the inside of the windows. Some people also staple the plastic on the windows, but i find wall tac is less damaging.

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