Question by  RachelDeitz (18)

What are some ideas for creating heirloom Christmas stockings?


Answer by  sonorasun (174)

A nice way to create a heirloom Christmas stocking for a child is to use a few of its old baby blankets. Cut the blankets up and sew the pieces together patchwork style in the shape of a stocking. Sew a loop for hanging at the top with a piece of the binding.


Answer by  Oz (67)

I made a stocking for my daughter's first Christmas from white wool and wool crewel embroidery yarn. That was thirty years ago and it is still in fine shape. I created my own designs. Since the white wool I used was a remnant from the coat my mother made for her, it was a true heirloom.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Making a gift and adding a piece of your own jewelry or a picture can be a heirloom. Putting some lace or photos of the family in the stocking is something to keep and cherish, a puzzle photo is an ideal lasting gift of the generations in your family, from great grandparents to present day children.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

My NaNa used to follow a simple knitting pattern (can find it on ebay and other online stores). She would do a different design for each person, and write their name around the top. Every person in our family has a personalized stocking, and we've tried to continue the tradition using the patterns we could find.


Answer by  acgood (47)

In my family all of the grandkids have special stockings that our great aunt knitted for us by hand. The are all the same style but each has a unique design (angel, santa, snowflake, etc). Not only can we tell them apart, but it helps us remember Aunt Alice around the holidays even now, years after she passed away.


Answer by  harycat (84)

To make them really special, you might consider using fabric that's especially meaningful: the picture on the front of an old Christmas baby shirt (say your child's old shirt) could be used for an applique, or a onesie might be big enough for a whole stocking. It would be special for your child, and for their children, too.

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