Question by  freedom1814 (22)

What are some helpful hints when it comes to growing bushes and shrubs?

I have a yard for the first time.


Answer by  RebeccaBargar (288)

When planting a bush or shrub, be sure to follow the directions, making the hole deep and wide enough, watering completely. Make sure the light and soil conditions are correct for the specific plant. Also consider the climate zone, will your plant survive a harsh winter? Water completely for it's first season, then all should be fine!


Answer by  oceanpearl (164)

Bushes and shrubs are a great way to fill empty space in your yard and unlike trees, they don't block the sun. Shrubs like and need to be trimmed back in the fall. Pruning will force the bushes or shrubs to branch out and become fuller. Once in awhile, inspect the leaves for signs of disease or overwatering.


Answer by  smoothedge69 (56)

Always remember that spacing is one of the most important things. Roots need room to grow. Make sure to follow feeding and watering instructions.


Answer by  Pam84 (330)

Use a local nursery to get plants that will do well in your climate. Want privacy? Consider hedges. Want color? Consider flowering shrubs. Avoid deciduous plants: stay green year round!


Answer by  sharpe72 (214)

Shrubs for the beginner include, rhododendrons and azaleas (a type of rhododendrons), they are very hardy and also flower, lilacs, spirea, boxwood, wisteria, forsythia, are also easy for the novice gardener. Do not over plant, shrubs can grow quickly. Plan your gardens out on paper first.


Answer by  cookfeser (34)

Pick your plants wisely, making sure that you have the right shrubs or bushes for the area, sunlight etc. Then plan out spacing, very important so you don't have crowded gardens. After you have planted the plants, it is important to water, trim, and fertilize them to maintain their beauty.


Answer by  saturno (325)

In order to fight the shrubs a systemic weed killer can be applied since these plants can grow again if you take it off, but it must be apply by far and avoid to touch the plants around, is necessary to hope until the shrub dry complet to be able to throw the remains


Answer by  kalip (355)

You should make sure that you water them once in a while. I've heard that when you don't water plants they tend to die.

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