Question by  daggett (16)

What are some good recipes for passion fruit?

My neighbor gave me a whole bunch of it, and I'm running out of ideas.


Answer by  Hannah63 (43)

You can make a salad. The passion fruit is really nice together with orange, apple and banana. Make a fruit salad and also add some nuts.


Answer by  andyburr (47)

Smoothies! Put it in the blender with yogurt and juice and any other fruit. Frozen fruit's best, because it chills the drink-- adding ice will just make it watery, IMHO.


Answer by  Ginger (376)

Lilikoi Sauce is pureeing 1 1/4 cup of passion fruit adding 1/3 cup sugar and 1 tbls corn starch heat till boiling and pour over cheese cake.

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