Question by  mom (244)

What are some good places to see Disneyland's fireworks?

I am planning a trip soon and my kids are so excited about the fireworks. We want to get a great view.


Answer by  Sockless (528)

In the park, in front of the castle or Pirates of the Caribbean. Outside the park, the best is the lawn in front of ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.


Answer by  nycgal (125)

They are visible both inside and outside the park. Inside the park, the most popular spot is by Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Popular spots outside the park are the upper level of the Mickey and Friends parking structure, or area right outside the park where tickets are sold called The Esplanade.


Answer by  lvraevn (49)

My favorite spot requires just a little planning. If the last run of the Mark Twain is shortly before the fireworks, after it completes it's trip around the rivers of America, when they get back to the dock they ususally let you stay onboard until the fireworks are done. The view from the top deck is wonderful.


Answer by  alex20 (31)

Not sure why I am telling you this but my secret spot is between the Shooting Gallery and the Mexican Restuarant in Frontier Land. There are a few trees which partially block the smaller fireworks and some special effects but it is still a great spot. Another plus is that you can quickly leave after the show.


Answer by  jyh634 (157)

Try to get a spot at the Main Street Railroad Station. The platform makes for great viewing and easy access to the exit when you want to leave.


Answer by  4lizzieb (120)

I have an amazing photo of the fireworks going off over Big Thunder Railway. If you stay on the sidewalk between Frontier Land and Fantasy Land, you've got a bit of a hill which gives a good view.


Answer by  ZackRoca17 (16)

You need to get to the right spot plenty early if you want to have the best view of the Disneyland fireworks. There are a number of places that will suffice but the best is at Cinderella Square. Or else Main Street Apothocary.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

Disneyland would be the best place to see Disneyland's fireworks. If you cannot afford to get in, then get a room at a nearby hotel and go on the roof at night. If you can't even afford that, then ask to go to the roof of a hotel at night. If you can't even afford that, then don't even bother.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the most popular stop to see Disneyland's fireworks. Shooting Gallery and the Mexican Restuarant in Frontier Land are also good place to see fireworks.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Some of good places to see Disneyland's fireworks are : Main street/Cinderella Castle, The Plaza Inn, Storybookland Canal Boat, Main Street Train Station, In front the "It's a small world" ride, Main Street Entrance of Tommorow Land, Corridor of Toontown, Tinker Bell Fly, Contempary Hotel, Hoop Dee Doo.


Answer by  Anonymous

In the teacup seat that is outside the entrance to the Madhatter shop. You can feel the vibration when they go off and see Tinkerbell and Dumbo perfectly. We were sitting there to take a break when they started. People were rushing over and giving us dirty looks!

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