Question by  worker6272 (21)

What are some good English as a second language lesson plans ideas?

I'm always looking for new, fresh ways to teach.


Answer by  mascota (639)

It depends what age group you teach. If it's young children lots of games. If you have picture flashcards kims game, pairs games are good. If you're teaching verbs, miming games are popular. Hangman and riddles are good for all age groups. Describing objects can be used for all ages and levels.


Answer by  lalagirl (83)

Some good lesson plans for ESL classes may include reading and acting out a simple play, writing short stories, singing songs, and watching simple tv shows. In addition, games such as Scrabbles may also help to build up vocabulary.


Answer by  thorsdecree (409)

Bring in a native English speaker and have the students act out different real-life scenarios like shopping, meeting people, etc. Roleplaying is a major technique in my Japanese class, and it helps us learn a second language very well. Also, it strengthens the bonds between the students.

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