Question by  saeedkottayigmailcom (2)

What are some good baby lamps?

I mean lamps for a nursery.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Some safe baby lamps for a nursery would be any small watt bulb with a shade that provides a soft light. Fisher Price or any name brand company has lamps that would be safe and very reasonable for a nursery. Just have to look around and make sure the lamp has a safe watt bulb and is UL approved.


Answer by  lillian83 (31)

One that has a shade and under 20 for the amount of light. They also have ones that are motion sensory which tend to be great when a child moves or when a parent needs to see while checking on a baby. You don't want something that is too bright so it won't disturb his/her sleep


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Check out the fisher price collection. They have a lot of baby friendly lamps that double as educational tools for early development.


Answer by  brownie17 (170)

Baby lamps are a pretty and good way to provide lighting the baby nursery. You will not need to have a bright light on when changing the baby or other small task dealing with the baby. Keeping the baby sleep and relaxed, you should use a soft lamp that does not blast the room.

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