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Question by  StarOne (941)

What are some craft projects you can use with the sweet candy skittles?


Answer by  Ronnie24 (6)

Pierce holes through the candy's center and string them on beading cord. Limiting yourself to just two or three colors will give a more coherent, designer effect. Experiment with different color combinations. Also try gluing Skittles to card stock side-by-side to make mosaic pictures. The colorful candy would look especially good against a dark background.


Answer by  Purple (948)

Get a clear vase from a Dollar Tree store and fill it with skittles. Then leave as is or put some flowers in it to go with a room.


Answer by  aralexis (27)

You could use them to make a rainbow with a pot of gold.Get some constuction paper glue the skittles in rows of the color of the rainbow,You can even make a pot of gold out of the purple and gold.Let dry and hang.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

You can use the skittles as part of a gingerbread house making kit! Just use the skittles along with other brightly colored candies to decorate the outside of a small house. You could also use craft glue to attach them to the outside of a picture frame; they would make cute decorations.


Answer by  lasagnalover (126)

Buy some refregerated cookie dough, a can of frosting and a bag of skittles. Bake cookies, frost and use candy to make faces. Or, use skittles in place of jelly beans to make bird's nests. Melt white chocolate and mix with shredded coconut, place candy in cooled nests to resemble eggs.

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