Question by  andyb (18)

What are some considerations when planning a wedding for a long distance relationship?


Answer by  kendraschaefer (36)

The most important consideration is involvement. In LDR wedding planning it's easy for one party to end up with all the work! Delegate tasks wisely and evenly.


Answer by  shannon (24)

The most important thing for planning any wedding is to communicate, and plan the wedding that you both have dreamed about. When planning your wedding, you may want to personalize the ceremony with some of the details about your relationship that made it different than a more traditional courtship.


Answer by  colleen (32)

You must consider what kind of wedding you want, how many people, etc. Since you will both have loved ones in seperate areas, decide where the most convenient place is for everyone.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Considerations for long distance relationship wedding planning is weather or not the relationship will last once you are no longer long distance.

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