Question by  DeDi (85)

What are some common pond insects?

I live near a pond and would love to know the names of all the insects I see there.


Answer by  Granny60 (32)

Water Boatman are bottom feeding insects. Giant Water Bugs and Back swimmers live and feed on the surface of the water. The Stone Fly and Drone Fly frequent ponds. Dragon Flies are found around ponds and streams. The Water Strider and Water Scorpion are also found in ponds.


Answer by  Kbrece (107)

They can be Mosquitoes, Scorpions (white), Diving Beetles, Water Bugs (quite big, sometimes), Stone Flies, Drone Flies, Dragon Flies, and Water Boatman are some examples.


Answer by  BeefStrule (690)

Ponds contain quite a variety of insects but among the most common are the pond mosquito, the pond beetle and the pond fly. If you're really interested, there are books available that fully detail the different varieties of insect you will find in ponds. It depends on the type of pond, of course.


Answer by  agc (108)

Whirligig beetles, backswimmers, water scorpions, diving beetles, dragonfly larvae, mayfly larvae, helgrammites, and water striders are commonly seen in a typical pond.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Dragonflies are among the most common. Then there are water skimmers, and of course everyone's favorite the mosquito. Probably some mosquito larvae in there, too.


Answer by  Chuckles (13)

Water striders are one of the most common insects you will find in a pond. They appear to skate across the water surface. Other types of pond insects include the Dragonfly, the Mayfly, the Damselfly, and the Water Scorpion.


Answer by  Caleb14 (292)

Backswimmers, fishing spiders, springtails, water striders, giant water bugs, whirligig beetles, dragonflies, damselflies, horseflies, aquatic moths, and mosquitos are all very common pond insects.

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