Question by  lgk (2426)

What are some basketball tips and tricks?

I want to be an excellent basketball player.


Answer by  gmoneymagic (15)

I know two ways to help you. One drill I recommend doing is dribbling the ball with one hand and someone throw a tennis ball to the other. Another drill is laying down and pretend your shooting the ball into the air. These drills can help your basketball skills.


Answer by  ashcena (6)

First here are some very important tips: Shooting the Basketball: Always use your finger tips and finger pads for good stability while shooting and never use the palm of your hand. Balance your feet shoulder width apart. Tuck in your elbow. Aim at the target and push the ball upwards.


Answer by  Sarah475 (84)

Practice, practice, practice. Standing under the hoop and shoot with only one hand repeatedly. At home, lay on your back and toss the ball up with one hand repeatedly.


Answer by  JG000 (162)

Dribble with your fingertips (not palms), and don't look down at the ball. Practice dexterity, dribbling and finishing at the basket equally strong with both hands. When shooting, always be looking directly at the basket and visualize the ball going in to increase confidence. Always hustle and practice daily!

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