Question by  michaelm (29)

What are red, yellow, and green conditions for a balloon?

I would like to learn more about hot air ballooning.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

Best time to fly are in the spring and fall due to the cooler weather. Summer is to hot and winter is to cold. Most pilots like to fly early in the moringin or late in the afternoon due to lower temperatures. Balloons can stay up anywhere from an hour to 3 hours depending on weather.


Answer by  g (18)

Hot air ballooning offers the opportunity to sail above the trees for a peaceful, birds-eye view of the landscape. Weather conditions must be right for a safe balloon adventure. Red warns of dangerous conditions: flights should not be attempted. Yellow advises that weather conditions require caution: experienced ballooners only should attempt to fly. Green gives the go-ahead.

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