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Question by  dksister (24)

What are reasons that my mower won't stay running?


Answer by  mcjim256 (25)

For any engine to run, it needs three things, AIR FUEL SPARK. A new or cleaned air filter is a good place to start. Also replacing the spark plug and check for the correct gap. Fresh gas will also help a great deal. Last step would be to use carb cleaner. Be sure the engine is cool.


Answer by  xineohp (28)

There are several reasons why your mower won't stay running. The first reason is that the mower does not have enough gasoline in it. Another reason is that the oil has run out of your mower and needs to be replaced. The next reason is the air filter in the mower is dirty and needs to be replaced.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

You're probably out of gas, or their is water in your gas line. Another item you can check is your air filter, if you haven't changed this year you should make sure you change it annually. If it still doesn't start, then check your ignition or spark plugs as a last resort.


Answer by  dx10 (144)

Gasoline, over time, can for lack of a better term, "spoil". Replace the gasoline. Carburetors that have not been used for a while can develop a coat of grime inside. Remove the carburetor and clean it with a carburetor cleaner. Spark plugs are easily fouled. Remove, clean, and if necessary, replace the spark plug.


Answer by  worker12 (293)

Dirty air cleaner,worn spark plug,check plug and make sure it is the right plug for that mower,make sure choke cable is opening wide and closing shut,change gas filter,or gas with gas treatment,spray carb with carb cleaner while running. Last but not least may need new points.


Answer by  pedro (142)

There are a couple of options. I would recommend you change the spark plug if you haven't for a long time. Another option is that you have bad fuel in the line--you could empty the gas tank and add fresh gas to see if that improves how the mower runs.

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