Question by  KC94 (6)

What are puzzle balls?

My friend said she wants "Twilight" puzzle balls.


Answer by  Ethanmb (6)

Twilight Puzzle Balls are 3D jigsaws made up of little "gems". Each "gem" is numbered and they come with a mnap so that they aren't impossible to assemble. These are a unique spin on the traditional jigsaw puzzle and could be an interesting present for the Twilight fan in your life. They're carried in almost every toystore as well.


Answer by  Nutty (9)

It is a puzzle,and once you put it together it forms a ball which consists of various pictures and colors. It also comes in different sizes.


Answer by  takeshi (432)

Puzzle balls are a set of balls that have carvings, and are hollow. Therefore, inside a ball there is another ball, and another ball inside that ball, going on. The objective is to align all of the balls so that a large hole on each of the balls line up.


Answer by  Borislov (57)

Puzzle balls are exactly what they imply: puzzle balls. Their spherical objects that you place puzzle pieces on to make a picture. It certainly gives the puzzle a more 3D aspect it.

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