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Question by  Mary85 (15)

What are laws associated with runaways in Washington?

My child has ran away, she is in Washington, can I just go get her?


Answer by  aarmitage (53)

In washington state there are no such law or restrictions preventing a parent from getting their child, as long as you have custody of your child.


Answer by  DrPartha (12)

If your child is willing to return home with you, yes. You can go get her from the home / facility where she is currently being held. However, if your child can convince a court that there is danger to her health, safety or welfare staying with you, she may opt for non-parental / non-relative care instead.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Yes if the child is under age you are the legal parent.Also Must check your state law's on unruly children some state's don't enforce the Unruly law if child is 16 or above.Even then you are the parent and you can go get the child any place any time up to age 17-18 year's old.

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