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Question by  xyroclast (65)

What are ideas for a Mexican style kitchen?

My whole house is Mexican themed.


Answer by  linsm (898)

Try using colors such as terre cotta ,oranges, reds, yellows for painting projects. On the walls check with a home improvement supplier for supplies to give the walls an adobe looking finish. Stone tile flooring gives an authentic adobe looka, as well as adding bright festive kitchen accessories.


Answer by  eluery (90)

traditional Mexican ovens are made from adobe brick although clay is a suitable alternative. Painted terracotta pots are ideal for kitchen utensils and terracotta tiles are great for walls, behind the sink and oven especially. Copper pots fit well with a Mexican theme, as do vibrant colours such as yellow and blue.


Answer by  dh1 (40)

Colors should be of dramitic to reflect vibrant character of the heritage and culture. Earthy gold and sparkling blues. Open face cabinets with plates and Counters Granite with marble.


Answer by  Cass722 (29)

Bold colors and family orientated decorations are used in many Mexican style kitchens; don't forget the kamal for cooking tortillas.

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