Question by  jeenylim (22)

What are good things to remember when traveling with a disposable camera?


Answer by  liblue (683)

A disposable camera should be kept in a moderate temperature when traveling. It should be stored unbound but not loose for lots of movement. A fall could break the camera.


Answer by  TxBluEyes (34)

When going on vacation, we all want to take our camera, however, they are expensive and frankly are one of the first things a thief will take. So rather than taking a $300.00 and potentially loosing it, paying $5 to $10 for a disposable camera is a better option. You can purchase it when you arrive at your destination.


Answer by  Jennifer24 (22)

When using a disposable camera, especially when traveling, you should try to remember that you usually need more natural lighting, or brighter overhead lights when inside, in order to have the photographs to look natural. If you don't have enough light, you will risk having really dark pictures that are hard to re-touch.


Answer by  Kelcie (28)

The best thing to remember when traveling with a disposable camera would be to never keep it in the heat as it will ruin the film. Also, you have have about 25 pictures on them so you might want to carry more than one.


Answer by  jpkbatl (85)

Traveling with a disposable camera is a liberating experience. No need to worry about losing or damaging an expensive camera. The disposable camera takes excellent pictures and has cherished pictures on it so treat it with respect while you use it.

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