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What are early symptoms of stomach cancer?


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Early signs of stomach cancer are often difficult to catch as it generally presents as indigestion, nausea, and stomach pain. Most stomach cancer sufferers realize there is a true problem when they notice weight loss and the passing of blood in bowel movements.

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I have nawing, burning, pain above and below navel, have gas and bloating of stomach for three year now. Been treated for ulcer, h. pylori with antibiotics, gastritus with nexium and removed my gall bladder but i still have the same systoms before all these treatments. is this stomach cancer?  add a comment

Answer by  mb (5482)

The most common symptoms will be dyspepsia (difficulty digesting food), also more commonly thought of as heartburn. The patient will have ulcer like symptoms that will grow worse with time. Pain is common and its usually not until something drastic happens that the cancer is diagnosed (like vomiting blood), its a hard cancer to catch.


Answer by  juliannna (639)

Some common symptoms are blood in your stools,abdominal pain,nausea,vomiting,appetite loss, extreme tirdness, and loss of weight.Your doctor can run tests to see if you have stomach cancer.


Answer by  hearts (104)

The early symptoms of stomach cancer are Abdominal Pain and Discomfort , blood in stool , Peristent Nausea and/or Vomiting , Loss of Appetite , Abdominal Bloating .


Answer by  Anonymous

For about three weeks I have had a full up feeling, and discomfort in my upper stomach. Hate going to the doctors, any ideas please?

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