Question by  Topaz (46)

What all can you use a shed for? Are there laws about what you can use them for?


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

Sheds can be used to hold garden tools, lawn mowers, or lawn furnishings that need protection from the weather. No laws unless you use them for illegal purposes.


Answer by  leilich (247)

Use a shed for storage of all of those things now in the garage. Park the car in the garage. Use the shed for storage. Or you can turn a shed into a hobby shop, a playhouse for kids or a "man cave." Check local laws for rules on sheds.


Answer by  Hewitt302 (1720)

You can use a shed for almost everything under the sun, except housing and making explosives. I believe there is a law in place in certain states prohibiting the storage of liquid explosives. Otherwise, you pretty much can house whatever you desire.


Answer by  helper72 (282)

A shed can be used to store outdoor and gardening tools, mowers, food, toys, sports equipment, and many other things. There are laws about having people live in sheds. A shed typically doesn't have the legal requirements for it to be considered habitable. Other things that may be illegal to be stored in sheds are hazardous wastes and certain animals.

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