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Question by  Atphoto (24)

What ages enjoy the Wheel of Fortune game?

I am thinking about a Christmas gift.


Answer by  Mrcy (66)

I would think any child in the middle school range that knows how to spell as well as write to figure out the puzzle. Especially if they make a Disney version or Cartoon Network verizon or any thing quite like that or in those lines for a gift, boy or girl


Answer by  ayannasr (71)

The Wheel of fortune game is generally enjoyable from ages 8 on up. At this age kids have the reading and spelling skills necessary to have a good time.


Answer by  Turk808 (69)

All ages that like game shows or word puzzles. If your not sure if they like both then probably older people who watched game show when they were on more.


Answer by  ravalradheshyam (38)

Christmas is a famous festival all over the world.It holds a great importance to all people of the world.During christmas they get oppurtunity to show their love towards relative and friends by giving them gifts,toys,dolls,video games etc, also adults wish each other with expensive gifts like wrist watches,mobile handsets,laptop etc.

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