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Question by  anurag (36)

Was the movie "Soul Food" released in theaters, or did it go straight to DVD?

I don't remember it coming out.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

The soul food movie was released in theaters. It did not do very well so it had a short run.


Answer by  idol (36)

Yes it had a theatrical release. Looking on Wikipedia, The film earned $43,700,855 during its original theatrical run, opening at #3 during its opening weekend.


Answer by  SeventyFour (5)

The movie Soul Food was first shown in theaters on September 26, 1997. It received many nominations for awards and even won a few. In 2000 there was a T.V. series based on the movie on Showtime.


Answer by  Tony7651 (5)

While I have never seen this movie, I definatly remember seeing commercials for it being released in the movie theaters. It did not go directly to DVD. But if I remember correctly it should have gone direct to DVD.

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