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Question by  Ashley37 (65)

Tell me how to calculate HVAC duct flow?

I need to install my own system.


Answer by  pandi68 (35)

There are many technical books available at your local library that Im sure could help you. If this isn't an option try the many do it yourself websites.


Answer by  pappu (170)

you can download the calc http://www. freecalc. com/, there you will find the calc to calculate HVAC duct flow.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

Depending on the square footage, determine the maximum efficiency you can expect from the new HVAC system. Meters are available from home improvement stores and will calculate amount of pressure when you place in various ducts and turn the unit on. Results vary with unit and joint insulation.


Answer by  KimberlyB (61)

CFM = btu / 1.08 x delta T Delta T is the temperature difference between the return air and the supply air, take the temperature far enough away from the heat exchanger to make sure the air is well mixed.


Answer by  R (19)

You need btu input and output to calculate the output percentage. Once you have btu output use the formula below to calculate CFM. CFM = btu / 1. 08 x delta T

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