Question by  amogavero (31)

Should you have your hives biopsied?


Answer by  neopancreas (9)

Hives should only be biopsied if the diagnosis is doubtful. In this case, laboratory examinations are helpful to rule out systemic diseases such as systemic Lupus, necrotizing vasculitis and lymphoma. Blood tests are often helpful as well. The ESR is often elevated in cases of chronic urticaria.


Answer by  elaineben (21)

Hives are medically termed as urticaria. Many people do have these skin conditions on different phases of their lives. It could have been triggered by some exposure to drugs, insect bites, allergies or infections. People should not be alarmed as there are medications that could control its severity. Biopsy could be needed if blood tests showed abnormalities though.


Answer by  symphonyparis (493)

If it is possible for the Doctor to do so, or if the hives are bad enough the Doctor may decide to do this. Generally speaking no, hives are fairly easy to diagnose for Doctors. They do not need the skin sample to tell what it is. They may take some skin scraping, just to be positive.


Answer by  JeffD (238)

It is not generally necessary or even helpful to have hives biopsied. Hives are a temporary skin condition caused by stress, heat, or an allergic reaction. Cancer is not generally a concern.

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