Question by  quickguard (46)

Should I get a decorative electric fireplace?

Or should I get a real one?


Answer by  sneezy10 (151)

A decorative electric fireplace will allow you to have a comfortable setting year round for you and your guests. The fact that it is electric means it won't use wood, however a real one will provide more wow factor.


Answer by  Walter (82)

You should get a real fireplace. Nothing beats the smell and coziness of a real fireplace. A real one gives you lots of enery by just looking at the flames.


Answer by  AEF (519)

The short answer is, it depends. Do you want to use it as a heat supplement? Do you have easy access to firewood or other fuel supply? Do you already have a chimney or is this a major construction effort? Your choice depends on exactly what you want to do.

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