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Question by  amandamiller530 (11)

My Pontiac Grand Am 3.1 starts and then dies. What is wrong?


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

It is either a fuel problem or electrical and may only need the idle adjusted. Often times if one increases the idle speed which can be done with a screw on the engine the problem is fixed.


Answer by  shalana (137)

First check to make sure you fuel pump is not clogged. From the sound of it you may have a fuel problem.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

Check the fuel if there's any. Check the voltage if there's any. Air filter should also be clean as possible. If everything checks out it needs a little press on the gas pedal. If any of these are none you might as well check your wallet to fill in for your Grand's basic needs.


Answer by  12352 (5)

It's problem was engine problem. It has also starting problem or it had some electrical problem. So it to workshop and checked by auto electrician.

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