Question by  RandiKaye (39)

My dog won't eat- what should I do?

My dog has not eaten anything in 4 days.


Answer by  Gavy (111)

If you have tried offering different foods, and your dog still has not eaten, you need to take your dog to the vet. Not eating for four days if very bad for him, and he may need special veterinary care at this point.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

If your dog doesn't eat for that many days you need to take it to the vet. There is something really wrong with your animal. I hope that you at least tried to feed it soft food in case it was having teeth issues and the dog is at least drinking.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

If you can't afford a vet, do this: get a baster (or a smaller one), mix wet dog food/water, and make the dog eat it. It worked for my cat.


Answer by  sara28 (68)

The best way to entice a dog to eat is to use wet food of some kind. If this doesn't entice your dog, the next step is to the vet.


Answer by  jenjen90 (240)

First, call a vet if it's a boy, if it's a girl the dog might be pregnant with puppies. This may seem weird, but it could be true.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Try giving him some chicken and rice mixed in with his dog food this should help if that doesn't entice his appetite try baby food mixed in with his food also. If this doesn't get him interested in eating take him to the vet and tell them the symptoms you have noticed from him.


Answer by  mchellin78 (47)

Make sure your dog is still drinking lots of water. After so many days of not eating, your dog should see a vet. There could be some kind of serious medical issue causing the lack of eating. Or it could end up being something like teething. Or if it's an older dog, issues with his teeth/gums. Good Luck!


Answer by  Kldoss (117)

When your dog wont eat it is a sign that they may be ill. Have your dog checked out medically as soon as possible. If the vet believes nothing is wrong then it may be the food. The food could be spoiled or your dog's appetite may have changed. These changes can be due to hormone cycles or age.


Answer by  mcymom (67)

Take it to a vet. It is a bad sign when a dog will not eat and could be something very serious. Many different things could cause this, so you should get a professional opinion.


Answer by  mountainmama (18)

Your dog could be very sick and it is important to get your loved one to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Try giving your dog some water or ice.


Answer by  daubachsgirl23 (244)

If your dog isn't eating, you should take it to the vet. Your dog could be malnourished or hypoglycemic. Try feeding it maple syrup; that may help.


Answer by  Anonymous

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