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Question by  meghpie (48)

Is there such a thing as a degradtion ceremony?

I think it has something to do with sociology?


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

Yes, in sociology a degradation ceremony is an attempt to make a person's self identity lower than the standard of the group he or she is in. This is done by directing certain communications toward that person that will cause him/her to feel degraded lower than others of his group.


Answer by  fhahghag (190)

Yes it is in some cultures. You want to make the person get rid of their ego so you go through a ceremony to lower their spirits. Your right it is a part of sociology. It connects with cultures of different sorts and it would be more of a collectivist culture.


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

A 'degradation ceremony' is an official sociological term that is used to describe a kind of socialization process that occurs within institutions like prisons. This process describes how a person new to this environment is purposefully subjected to treatments that strip them of their previous indentity.


Answer by  BobSmithpwns (165)

You must mean a degradation ceremony. Degradation ceremony are also known as "cashiering". Broadly speaking it is a public rejection of a person. The term "degradation ceremony" was coined by sociologist Harold Garfinkel to refer to societal acts that are supposed to communicate scorn public scorning to a person. A degradation ceremony are often a formalized ceremony.

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