Question by  SParfitt08 (16)

Is there any truth to the old saying "pink at night sailors delight"?

The other half is "pink in the morning sailors warning".


Answer by  NightSailor (46)

Generally, yes because this snippet of an old adage refers to how when there is pink in the evening, there will be a calm sea in the morning.


Answer by  missy36 (48)

I think there must be some truth to the old saying "Pink at night sailors delight" because it has to do with weather. If the sunset is pink then that is suppose to mean that they will have smooth sailing through the night. Sailors would naturally be happy about that. It seems that more often than not if there is a nice pink sunset, then the old saying is true.


Answer by  jeff24 (55)

Yes the is. If the sky is pink at night that means there is not likely a storm to be rolling in causing problems for the men at sea. If the sky is dark, that means there is a storm coming in.


Answer by  bicknar (31)

I've always heard it as Red Sky at night... The science behind it is the refraction of light in the west where the sun sets. This may be an indication of a high pressure system to the west generally preceding fair weather.

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