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Question by  Kate48 (55)

Is there a sure-fire way to remove stretch marks without spending a fortune?

I don't know if I believe all the products out there.


Answer by  river (1226)

No, they'll always be there, you can diminish the appearance with creams. Laser treatments can be effective, but there will still be faint marks depending on how severe the marks.


Answer by  JayneR (183)

There is no miracle cure for stretch marks without cosmetic surgery, however products containing a high content of Cocoa Butter are known to reduce the appearance of strech marks. Vitamin E, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are also known to improve strech marks. Massage and Microdermabrasion are also known to improve the appearance of strech marks.


Answer by  er (157)

Laser can remove stretch marks, but you will have to go to sessions, which can cost a fortune. You can use aloe vera and apply directly to skin.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Old fashioned Italian remedy, olive oil. Rub it on the stretch marks and be patient. It does work, but it takes time to notice results.

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