Question by  diarysekar (11)

Is there a Spiderman magazine?

My son insists that there is.


Answer by  texasrngr (20)

Yes there is. It is actually one of the most famous magazines from Marvel. It's name is "The amazing Spider-Man. they begun publishing it in 1968 and it continued until 2005. It has 2 series, one of 263 volumes and one of 27 volumes.


Answer by  bnespral (11)

I don't believe there is a magazine dedicated to Spiderman. It is possible that your son may confuse a magazine and a comic book. If that is the case then, in his point of view there is a Spiderman "magazine." It is also possible he may have seen a magazine featuring Spiderman prominently on its cover.


Answer by  Jeorjia (10)

There is indeed a Spiderman magazine. It is not a magazine that is published annualy, semi-annually or even yearly though. They publish versions of it as the mood hits.


Answer by  floridawendy (70)

The Amazing Spider Man Magazine is one in a series of Marvel comic magazines. The magazine includes Spidey's adventures, his humorous style and his building crawls. Peter Parker's trials and tribulations will be a treat for any kid and will turn your child into a reader as he tries to rid the city of evil-doers and villains.


Answer by  corkin (76)

Indeed there is, The Amazing Spider-Man is published by the world renowned Marvel Comics in the United States and has a history going back as far as the 1960's, when the first comic was released. It is published twice monthly, once every two weeks and is available to buy, or can be ordered from all good book stores.

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