Question by  jami05 (16)

Is there a special oil to help avoid stretch marks?


Answer by  docfrog (22)

The best thing that I have ever found is Emu oil. It is similar to vitamin E oil, but I found that it works much better for things like scars and stretch marks. It can usually be found in a health food store, but if you can't find it vitamin E oil will work.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

To avoid getting stretch marks during pregnancy, the best thing to do is to use cocoa butter on and around your stomach several times a day. The cocoa butter moisturizes and loosens your skin so that it won't retain marks.


Answer by  Sarah30 (5)

I used Bio Oil when I was pregnant with my 9 month old son to try and prevent getting stretch marks on my stomach and breasts. I didn't get any on my stomach, but did get some on my breasts. I think Vaseline works best


Answer by  Faylinn (58)

Some people find that coconut oil, shea butter, or cocoa butter can really help with stretch marks. Coconut oil is cheap and also makes a good moisturizer.


Answer by  idzuna16 (118)

If you are a female then there really isn't much you can do to avoid stretch marks. Coacoa butter and pure vitamin E oil can help reduce the appearance though, if you are pregnant and start a daily routine with the two products. Bio oil also helps.


Answer by  rswapnar (48)

1tsp olive oil,1tsp seasame oil mix it and apply it on stretch marks and massage it for 5 minutes for a month.Stretch marks dissapears in a month.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

There are many creams and oils available specifically for pregnant women. I would recommend using Vitamin E in both a pill and the oil form that you rub on daily (or more often if you desire). Talk to your doctor before taking any type of vitamin. Some creams even have a new substance that is supposed to help with skin-elasticity.

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