Question by  wiltond (37)

Is there a real-life Jumaji board game?

It looked like fun in the movie.


Answer by  mtown934 (733)

Yes there is in fact a real-life Jumanji board game although it obviously doesn't have all of the same risks and excitement of playing the game as there was in the movie. But, it is a lot of fun and is recommended for anyone ages eight and up. Hope you have fun with it!


Answer by  bobstt (33)

There at least was once a real-life Jumanji board game. I once owned it as a child. I would look on first since it is such an old movie


Answer by  Momak (7)

No, there is not real-life Jumaji board game, cause it defiance law of physics. There is no way for the board game to do such things, especially to send a human to a other not existing world.

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